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5 Healing Benefits of Reiki

Originating in Japan from Dr. Usui Makao, Reiki is practiced all over the world, with many people benefitting mentally, physically and emotionally.  Reiki works by raising the vibration in anything it comes in contact with, including the human body. That means it supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself by increasing the energy flow, or Chi. 

Reiki has been a part of my personal healing journey since high school, helping with anxiety and insomnia.  I have used it to cure myself of headaches, tummy aches, menstrual cramps and to feel calm and balanced. I don’t take medicine (I can’t remember the last time I took an Advil) because Reiki works!  Also, as a Reiki practitioner for over 6 years, I have witnessed amazing client results. Here are 5 of the most common healing benefits my clients have reported feeling immediately after a session:


Often stress is a combination of mental, emotional and physiological responses. During a Reiki session, my clients are able to find deep relaxation. In the session, the different energies are balanced resulting in feeling light, more mental clarity, and a deep sense of calm. 


According to 2018 research, Reiki is an effective pain management approach. Energetically speaking, physical pain and emotional angst look and feel the same. In a Reiki session, these physical or emotional wounds are cleaned with your body’s life force and energetic debris is released. This supports your body’s ability to heal itself. My clients have reported less pain and even being completely pain-free. 


The parasympathetic nervous system is activated during Reiki enabling restful sleep.  Checking in with clients the next day, they often report they fell asleep quickly and slept well through the night.  This better sleep can be a pattern that continues for a week up to a month.


Fear-based thought patterns, in my experience, are energetically related to a lack of connection to the present moment. The long term effects of fear-based thinking cause stress on the body. The body doesn’t recognize the difference between real threats and perceived threats. Reiki brings you into the present moment resulting in a shift from fearful thinking to empowered thinking. 


Reiki is being used in hospitals alongside traditional methods of healthcare. Nurses are incorporating it into their interactions with patients seeing improvements in comfort and morale. Used alongside traditional methods, my clients have reported various degrees of healing from physical ailments. When the chi force is raised during a Reiki session it enables your body to be more receptive to healing.  

I believe the healing benefits of Reiki cannot be denied. If you are looking to feel empowered in your healing journey, try Reiki. Click here to schedule your session!

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  1. Rachel Enlow

    I had NO idea about these benefits until you shared them, thank you for sharing! I definitely need to try some Reiki very soon!

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