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“I am here to guide others to embrace their power, use it to raise their vibrations, and change their lives.”

Veronica Walters is a teacher, healer, and energy educator. She is the owner of Yoki life (a yoga and reiki school), Co-founder of Earth Goddess Yoga movement, published author of Wheel of Radiance and Sacred space creator.

Veronica uses her various expertise to gently guide those in her care to heal their past, embrace the moment and encourages healthy lifestyles. She believes that living in alignment with one’s natural state of being is the way to a peace-filled life. By tapping into her intimate knowledge of energy, she’s able to understand complex energetic disturbances within her clients. Through the combination of Reiki, Yoga, and Intuition she helps them process negative memories and emotions. Her methods are built on a foundation of comfort and safety.