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Conscious and Aware: Sobriety

Many years ago I decided to give up drinking and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Feeling clearer after a night out, my stomach not bothering me, and feeling fully in control of my life were just some of the benefits I reaped. Never a heavy drinker, I indulged on the weekends without much thought, but the fact was, alcohol did not make me feel good. So why did I keep drinking in social situation even though I felt like crap the next day? Was it for other people? Was I really uncomfortable? Did alcohol give me liquid courage? Was I just doing it out of habit? I did not know. All I did know was alcohol was not serving me.

Alcohol Negatively Affects the Sacral Chakra

I had negative emotions that resonated days after drinking and I did not make this connection until I stopped drinking. Since alcohol negatively affects the sacral chakra, my emotions were all over the place making me think there was something wrong with me. I further realized that alcohol disconnects energy from the body, causing internal conflict, and therefore, negative emotions. It made sense when I made the connection between alcohol and the second chakra. Choosing to be sober, I have never felt better emotionally or physically! Whether you want to try sobriety this holiday season or beyond is totally up to you, but I’ve got some tips to help you out if you choose this direction!

Handling Peer Pressure

People will wonder why you are not drinking…being upfront but not preachy about why you choose not to drink will give them some insight into your decision.  Some people will still feel threatened or perhaps judged by the non-drinking person in the room. From my own experience, I have been not so nicely confronted by others that have questioned my don-drinking status. This, of course, only fueled my resolve to stand my ground (see previous blog on boundaries). Eventually, the people around me came to realize that drinking alcohol is an activity that I no longer choose to participate in and they respect my choice. And yes, I still go out and have fun and be around people who are drinking.

Focus on Others in Social Situations

Any social situation you encounter is probably going to feel a bit awkward for the first 10-15 minutes. Picture this: walking into a holiday party, you are handed a glass of wine. You promptly gulp down a few sips in the hopes that your nerves will settle. After all, who enjoys approaching a room full of strangers? Or worse yet, seeing people you kind of know, but can’t remember their names! However, I challenge you to consider that having a glass of wine won’t really change the scenario. Your nerves are still there and your chances of remembering those names diminishes as you drink.

Instead, I invite you to shift your awareness to the idea that others are feeling the exact same way -awkward and uncomfortable. That alone is usually enough to put me more at ease, how about you? So ask yourself, what could you do in that moment to make them more comfortable? How about focusing on them and the conversation? The benefit is that not only do you have a genuine and interesting conversation with someone, but you no longer feel as nervous!

Ways to Not Feel Left Out

Stay light-hearted and remember your reason for sobriety!

Don’t worry about what others think; remember it was your choice to be there.

Serve yourself a mocktail in a tall, fun glass.

If your group partakes in shots, ask for a shot of fresh squeezed lemon and splash of water. 

Here are some of my fave mocktail go to recipes:

Mock Mule

½ C of Ginger Beer

¼ C of LaCroix Key Lime

½ of lime, freshly squeezed ( I like extra lime so usually do whole lime)

Tiki Sunrise

¼ C of orange juice

¼ C of LaCroix Coconut flavor

2 Tspn of Grenadine 

Splash of coconut creme

Cranberry Spritz

½ C of LaCroix Orange

¼ C of Cranberry Juice

½ of lime, freshly squeezed

Fresh Mint leaf

Know You Are Not Alone

There’s an exciting sober curious trend happening right now!
Sober curious is for those that are experimenting with sobriety for a period of time for whatever reason. It has become cool to be conscious and aware when going out to social events so do not fear you will be the only one! Making conscious and healthy decisions is a trend I fully support!

Sobriety is a topic we can discuss my coaching program: Wheel of Radiance 1-1 Coaching program.


  1. Anne Meyer

    Thank you for writing this! I have been doing this for years for very similar reasons–always felt awful after drinking-even if not to an extreme–and there have been so many people who are for some reason offended. I try to leave my judgement game in the closet as I can only do what works for me. What is crazy, is that so many are more willing to accept and make accommodations for hangovers and related issues the they are with accepting the fact that someone may choose not to drink. As a mother of teens and young adults, I am encouraged to see this sober curious trend–hope it stays around awhile:)

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