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Create a Home Oasis Using the 5 Senses

Home as a sanctuary is most evident during the fall and winter months. Cooler temps make us want to get cozy inside; Fall days beckon us home.  Root chakra is located at the base of your spine and associated with your connection to the physical plane of existence, including shelter. If your home doesn’t feel like a place you want to spend time, it will affect your root chakra and increase anxiety, fear, and depression. The solution is simple: create a home sanctuary by incorporating the 5 senses of sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell for your home.

My Eyes!

What’s going on at your house?  Clutter? Chaos? Mess? No judgement but a definite eyesore! The struggle is real for most of us except for Marie Kondo.  Definitely check her out if you need some inspiration and ideas, but know it doesn’t have to be a make it or break it event.  Do what you can, like clearing off your desk, make your bed, fluff the pillows, fold the blankets, maybe hide some stuff in a drawer and get to it when you have a free moment.  Making your house a pleasant place to be, starts with liking what you see!   

Furthermore, consider the flow of your rooms and belongings. Move some stuff around and see how it looks and feels to you.  Does it look overcrowded and feel like stuck energy? Sit on your couch and analyze the placement of your furniture and arrangement of items. Tune into how you feel as you look around your space.  If it feels good, keep it, if not, change it up. If you are looking for more inspiration for developing an energetic flow to your rooms, check out 10-Minute Feng Shui by Sky Alexander. 

Don’t Go For Crusty

We are tactile creatures. A while ago I ordered Mexican blankets for restorative yoga; I think they are fine for their purpose to be rolled up and used to support bodies in yoga, but my daughters call them the ‘crusty’ blankets and want nothing to do with them. Yikes.  Lesson learned – no more crusty blankets. 

I’m not sure what it is about a soft blanket that evokes feelings of safety and security, but kids and grown-ups alike do like nice blankets.  They also have weighted blankets out on the market now that are getting rave reviews. If you have one and find it helpful, tell us about it in the comments below.  Just don’t go for the crusty blankets, go for the soft, ‘want to snuggle’ blankets.  

Smells to Die For 

Don’t you love entering a space that smells wonderful?  My favorite way to invoke a vibe or feeling is with essential oils.  This time of year I love to diffuse cinnamon, bergamot, clove. It’s always fun to create and experiment.  It’s really easy and economical to create your own room spray, as well. Spritz on linens, curtains, and your son’s closet, maybe make a spray just for your son’s closet. When vacuuming, add a little oomph to the experience by adding a drop or two of essential oil to a cotton ball and throw in your vacuum canister.  Not only will it make vacuuming super pleasant, but the room will also smell great. 

Comfort Food Cooking

Our craving for warmth at this time of year includes what we want to consume – soups, stews, chili. and in Minnesota -casseroles!  Add roasted vegetables like carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes to your menus and experiment with different spices. I personally love Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning and add it to absolutely everything.  Stay tuned for next week as Veronica has a fabulous hearty soup recipe to share with you all.    

I Can’t Hear You or Me! 

What? You can’t hear me?  We are surrounded by noise all the time.  It’s constant unless we consciously shut it off.  Take a break from the radio, from music, from noise.  If you do need something to listen to try soothing sounds. Sleep Sounds is an app with a timer that you can listen to or have on in the background.  As much as possible bring some quiet into your home or just surrender to the sounds!  Sit comfortably, close your eyes, listen, don’t try to tune things out. Listen intently and discover –  your dog snoring next to you, curled up on that soft blanket you just bought, the sound of far off traffic, the sound of a drawer opening and closing in the kitchen.  It’s quite an interesting way to meditate and brings you fully into the present moment.  

Your home is your shelter, the place you feel safest and most secure.  Make it the best it can be by bringing all 5 senses into your home.   

Want to explore more ways to be mindful? Check out the 21-Day Wheel of Radiance Coaching program with Veronica Walters.

Also, check back next month where I’ll be sharing more on ways to balance out energies in your day to day life.

See you then…


Shannon Brendel is yoga teacher, writer, creative thinker, and coffee drinker.  She does not understand people that drink weak coffee or that do not like spicy food.  Among her other passions she enjoys reading self-help and inspirational books, watching too much Netflix, and shopping for crystals.  Though always ready for a trip to Starbucks to enjoy a Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dulce Latte, most times you can find her at home with her 3 kids, dog and cat, either cleaning or practicing pranayama.  Her favorite mantra of the moment is from Marie Forleo: “Everything is figureoutable.”

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