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Creativity Manifests Good Energy!

Merry December! The holidays give us an excuse to be creative while saving money and manifesting good energy! In addition, the sacral chakra benefits when we create. As the center of creativity, passion, and sexual energy the sacral chakra affects our connection to others. Holidays truly are about connection, so it makes sense that we choose to express ourselves creatively! Plus, isn’t the plate of homemade cookies more special than something bought from the store?

Personally, I know that effort, time, and creativity went into a homemade gift and that makes me treasure the gift even more. That’s good energy for me as the receiver and good energy for the giver. Win! This season, if you are planning on making a bouquet of flowers, or a wreath, or a centerpiece, why not make one for a family member or friend as well?

Here are some ways to create mindfully as an act of kindness and to create good energy:

  • Create a center piece
  • Make a pretty bird seed wreath 
  • Paint words of inspiration on stones – my favorite words of inspiration are abundance, flourish, thrive, love, create.

Doing something creative feels great and supports the connection we feel with others; You get to increase your good vibes while sharing with another.

I would love to hear from you and see your creations!

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