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Holiday Zen In 5,4,3,2,1!

Self-care is important in the sacral chakra, and by making it a priority, it means you are choosing to show up to the next family gathering RESTED. When we are well rested, we are able to be in a state of mind that is more present and engaging with others. This November make your self-care routine a top priority in your to do list. Treat yourself by scheduling in some “me time” that invites calmness to feel relaxed and be replenished.

#5 – Bathtub Meditation

Take a warm bath with epsom salt, light some candles, and listen to soothing water spa sounds. Epsom salt’s power comes from magnesium which will alleviate sore muscles and prepare you for sleep. As you are soaking in your bathtub oasis, visualize the salt cleansing your energy, body, and emotions. Also, focus on the water quenching your body, mind, and spirity. This Spotify Playlist is the perfect music for bath time meditation.

#4 – Gentle Yoga Does a Body and Soul Good

Take a yoga class that emphasizes deep breaths, slow movements, and mindfulness. When moving slowly and mindfully, the nervous system and muscles relax. Ignoring such tension could lead to headaches and injuries. At the end of a gentle yoga class you will feel more balanced in your body, mind and spirit.

#3 – Fine Tune with Reiki

Balance out the energetic disturbances with a Reiki session. Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience that requires no special preparations other than drinking water beforehand. The benefits include creating clarity and calm, exactly what you need to power through the holidays.

#2 – Stick to a Sleep Schedule

 It is easy to stay up late and get in an unhealthy sleep cycle. According to Ayurveda, the best time to go to bed is between 9:00pm and 10:00pm. A good night time ritual includes:

  • Eating at least two hours before bedtime
  • Shutting off all electronics
  • Taking a warm bath before bed
  • Self-massage

Sleeping well helps you have the energy and patience this holiday season. 

#1 – You Matter! Make time for you! 

Finally, like my mom always says, if you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Besides, if you want show up emotionally, mentally and physically for your family and friends, you have to show up for yourself first! Take the time each and every day to make time for you.

Interested in learning more ways to practice self-care to shift your energy? Check out my Wheel of Radiance 1-1 Coaching program.

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