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Based on the transformational book, Wheel of Radiance, integrating energy healing and intuitive spiritual coaching for whole-body health.

This is an extensive and personalized program, designed to systematically uncover hidden beliefs and obsolete thought patterns that drive day to day actions. Over the course of twenty-one days, we will move through the fourteen lessons of energetic enlightenment and be gently guided on a path to gain clarity and peace-filled existence.

Will explore in a systematic approach to tackle negative thought patterns, habits, and emotions that are holding you back from living your fullest. Emotions like fear, worry, egoism, anger, and empathy are gently illuminated and healed. Veronica uses a format based on a yogic foundation and intuitive guidance to teach how to apply meditation, movement, and mindfulness to live in an awakened sense of self.

Includes 8 remote, one-on-one sessions with Veronica, guided self-discovery journaling, and customized recorded meditations and more.

In the course of three short weeks, past clients have reported feeling more at peace, having a better understanding of their energies, clarity in one’s path, a stronger connection with their intuition and trust, feeling empowered, and have a better sense of one’s gifts and abilities.

Past clients tell me this program has been life-changing for them!